Security systems development and maintenance

When design and construction of networks are carried out, security issues receive much attention. In any information system there is a possibility of actions violating its protection.

For the protection of the information system it’s necessary to work out an effective security policy of network resources of your company. It involves the use of firewalls, antivirus programs, programs for traffic filtering, for identification of users and other capabilities. It’s important to perform in time the installation and updating of specialized software maintenance, to perform regular audits of security systems, to encrypt traffic, to use authentication and access control to resources. The questions of application of all these technologies, the methods of their setting and implementation, their joint relationship are determined by an information security policy prepared in advance.

The experts of our company know very well what kind of actions should be performed to ensure the security in network. We have great experience of the work in this sphere, which helps to create a reliable protection for corporate information networks of different levels.