Data communication methods development and system integration

Data exchange can now play a crucial role in ensuring interaction among company’s employees, partners, clients, etc. Of course, in some cases you can use simple Internet connection for data transfer. But if we are talking about the possibility of transmission of confidential information, you need to be sure that your data exchange is protected. Our company performs design of data transmission networks of any type and any complexity, taking into account the features of your business and your needs to provide reliable communication channels for information transmission. We offer our services to companies, firms and organizations of any level.

The features of design of data transmission networks in our company

Depending on the needs of our customers we can develop data transmission networks of any type, any complexity and level of protection. The specialists of our company determine the optimal type of the required transmission network, the most effective scheme of its construction to achieve the highest efficiency and reliability. Information security in data networks, designed by our company, is provided by both software and hardware.

Integration system

Our company has always tried to take into account all the requirements of customers in preparation of projects with the implementation of business applications, developing individual programs for integration of services needed to solve specific problems. Our company offers integration solutions that meet your needs. Many years of experience in system integration allows to develop the most effective methods of organizing a common information space in enterprises of various sizes.

The main purpose of integration means is the unification of operated programs with new solutions without stopping and violating operability of the current IT infrastructure.

Main types of integration:
Integration platform

Integration platform refers to processes and tools with the help of which the systems can perform safe and optimal information exchange for data transfer for various applications without any obstacles.

Data integration

It includes identification (locating), data cataloging, creating data models. After completion of these steps the data can be shared/distributed in database systems.

Program integration

Combining data or functions of one program to another, thereby providing near real-time integration. As a result, various programs serve as a single information system.

Application of integration methods of business programss makes it much easier to work with modern electronic systems of enterprise management as

  • it reduces the costs of acquisition of new products
  • it allows to use already existing programs more efficiently for new purposes.