Developing of programming solutions for businesses


In early 2013 the company “FIXIT IT COMPANY” developed a methodological program for development of information technologies for small and medium-sized businesses. In developing of the methodological program it was involved a team of employees of financial and analytical, marketing, software, technical, juridical departments of the company under control of the management of “FIXIT IT COMPANY”. This product is developed for corporate customers. We have developed a system of interaction with corporate clients, which can be adjusted to the customer demands.

Interaction methodology.

  1. When a corporate client addresses the company “FIXIT IT COMPANY” on this product, the specialists of marketing department meet him and get acquainted with the client’s requirement and the expected effect of the use of information technologies for the development of his business. The specialists of marketing department study the consumer market segment with analysis of a) market participants b) market specificity c) trends in this segment of economy; as a result of which they make expert evaluation, in the context of the place in the market occupied by an economic entity (company-client).

  2. Financial and analytical department analyzes IT infrastructure of the client company, evaluates the potential of IT infrastructure of the company, the effectiveness of the invested capital in the company’s IT infrastructure.

  3. On the basis of the conclusion of marketing, financial and analytical departments, software department of the company develops proposals in terms of information technology and ways of implementation.

  4. Juridical department studies the legality of the data of information technologies according to the current logislation of the issuer (client).

  5. Passing the four items mentioned above, in the business proposal for the introduction of information technology by the company (client), the product is studied by IT managers and it’s calculated the expected effect from the use of information product offered by the company “Fixit IT Company”.

On the basis of this procedure marketing department presents the developed product or solution for discussion with the client for improvements with a view to use information technology for economic benefits.