Web Development

The development process occurs in several phases. It’s a series of five steps that a project team works through in order to conceptualize, analyze, design, construct and implement a new IT product.


During the analyzing stage a client’s wishes and needs are discussed. It’s determined what should the site do, what should it look like, who are the target users, what browsers and/or devices should the site support, and so on.


During the planning phase, the objective of the project is determined and the requirements to produce the product are considered. All information is assembled and analyzed into a project plan.


The design phase is the “architectural” phase of product design. The project team determines the most logical design, user interface, and structure for the product. Designers design mock-up screen layouts that the developers use to write the code for the actual interface.


During the construction phase developers execute the plans laid out in the design phase. The developers design the database, generate the code for the data flow process and design the actual user interface screens. During the construction phase, test data is prepared and processed as many times as necessary to refine the code.


During the test phase all aspects of the system are tested for functionality and performance. The system is tested for integration with other products as well as any previous versions with which it needs to communicate. Essentially, the key elements of the testing phase are to verify that the system contains all the end user requirements laid out in the analysis phase, that all the functions are accurately processing data, that the new system works with all other systems or prior systems, and that the new system meets the quality standards of the company and the customer.