Professional data recovery organization and storage

The company “FIXIT IT COMPANY” is a pioneer and leader in the recovery of lost data from all types of media in the territory of Armenia. We offer a service of organization and storage of data in compliance with privacy policy. The concept of the service, in organization of data storage, is development of hardware and software structure allowing quickly to recover lost data. Loss of information from media has numerous reasons: failures in the work of hardware and software, impact of viruses. In our company, in the technical center of the restoration of information, a free diagnosis is made, the level of the complexity of the restoration works, amounts and preliminary deadlines are determined. Based on the facts mentioned above, the cost of the service is determined and submitted to the client’s approval.

We carry out the following works:
  1. recovery of deleted files, partitions, data;
  2. data recovery from hard drive after format;
  3. data recovery from partitions fat16, fat32, ntfs, ext2, ext3, hfs, etc.;
  4. data recovery from damaged partitions of Raid, HDD, Flash, ZIP.
  5. recovery of usb flash; flash drive;
  6. flash repair and data recovery from Compact Flash;
  7. flash and Microdrive recovery, information recovery from Microdrive;
  8. usb flash repair after mechanical impact (shock,fall) ;
  9. flash repair and flash recovery;
  10. data recovery from usb flash and information recovery from usb flash;
  11. data recovery from Flash Drive and information recovery from Flash Drive;
  12. information recovery from RAID arrays, RAID 0, RAID 5;
  13. repair of hard drives (HDD);
  14. data recovery from flash and files recovery from flash;
  15. data recovery from Microdrive and information recovery from Microdrive;
  16. files recovery from usb flash after mechanical impact (shock, fall);
  17. repair of zip drive and other USB drives;
  18. data recovery from usb drive and other portable storage devices;
  19. recovery of usb drive; zip drive after format;
  20. information recovery from USB Flash Drive PC Card TypeI/II/III; Compact Flash Card (CF) TypeI/II; Ultra Compact Flash (ultra CF) TypeI/II; SmartMedia (SM); xD Picture Card; MultiMedia Card (MMC); Secure Digital Card (SD); Memory Sttick (MS); IBM Microdrive (MD).